About C-A-S-E-Y

CONNECTED – as co-owner of First Insurance in Mason City and a lifelong resident of Clear Lake, Callanan is committed to Cerro Gordo County. As current chairman of the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation Board, Callanan works to allocate beneficial funds for worthy community causes. He believes that free enterprise works best when efforts are made to ensure that EVERYONE benefits, and a safety net is provided for those who need assistance.


ADVOCATE for you with YOUR tax dollars – as your county supervisor, he understands North Iowa’s Economy. As a small business owner, he regularly meets payrolls, pays close attention to the bottom line, and creates and maintains jobs. As your county supervisor, Callanan will be as careful with YOUR tax dollars as he is with his own funds, and those of his agency. ‘A’ also stands for AGRICULTURE, which provides the foundation of the North Iowa Economy. Casey will be an effective liaison between agribusiness and farmers, farm-related industry, and the Board of Supervisors.


SIX Generations – the son of Mike and Cathy Callanan of Clear Lake, Casey’s family has called Cerro Gordo County home for 6 generations. Public Service and helping build better communities is in his blood. Casey and his wife, Hunter, live in Clear Lake, where they are extensively involved with, and dedicated to, improving the lives of those who reside in their community. Callanan is a graduate of Clear Lake High School and attended NIACC before earning a degree from Iowa State.


EXPERIENCE – Casey worked for the Iowa Legislature and the Congressional Budget committee. He knows first hand the time it takes and the importance of studying the issues when serving as a County Supervisor. E is also for Economic Development: a TOP Priority for Callanan. Attracting, and maintaining, well-paying jobs is the key to a thriving Cerro Gordo County.


YEARS of Service – “Giving Back” a hallmark of Callanan’s career.  As the former President of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Callanan worked with business owners and employees in every type of commercial enterprise. As co-chairs of the Clear Lake Fireworks Project, the Callanans helped to raise over $1 Million to ensure that Clear Lake’s July 4th fireworks celebration continues to be one of the finest in the land!